pond water pump

How to define and select the optimal garden pond water pump

Ponds and Fountains

Different equipment is necessary for the long life of garden pond and its inhabitants. It allows you to maintain the water balance and keep the water clean. For such cases, a special pond pump which differs from the ordinary household devices with its characteristics can be the best solution.

pond water pump

Due to the well thought-out design, the equipment is created for round-the-clock operation, while the power consumption is significantly reduced with the saved performance. The main task of the pond water pump is the circulation and the supply of water to the filter for further purification.

Types of water pumps

There are two main types of pumps used for the backyard pond:

  • submersible;
  • external

The equipment should be selected by various criteria, and the main features of both types are listed below.

pond water pump

Submersible Pumps

The first type is popular due to its easy installation and operation. Submersible devices are installed directly in the water where they inject the liquid further into the purification system. Such equipment is already ready for operation and its installation does not need additional piping construction. The only nuance for its high-quality work is the installation on a small hill. Such an item is necessary to limit the penetration of turbid sediment from the bottom of the pond.

pond water pump

Advantages of a submersible pump:

  • affordable cost;
  • ease of installation;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • the minimal noise level of the device;
  • long service life.

Also, in the case of a broken wire, low voltage will not harm the creatures directly contacting with water, whether it is a human or water inhabitants. Of the shortcomings, specialists only distinguish the use for small size ponds.

pond water pump

External devices

External pump devices are installed on land. Then it’s work is to inject water from the pond into the filtration system or to other installed equipment. For proper installation, two conditions must be met:

  • eliminate any contact with water;
  • installation of the device at a lower level.

pond water pump

The external pumps for backyard ponds usually are installed in specially equipped wells to avoid dangerous situations from the interaction of the water and voltage. In this way, it is possible to fulfill the second requirement.

pond water pump

But in some cases, a non-return valve must be installed if it is not possible to set the level lower than in the pond. But this situation has one inconvenience. If water is removed from the inlet hose, it will need to be filled manually when the machine starts up.