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Ponds and Fountains

Decorating the garden or backyard definitely requires creating a plan that is necessary to follow strictly. But when it comes to setting garden fountains or ponds, you can be as creative and free as you wish. Here are some interesting ideas that will help you turn your garden into a heaven.

Common types of ponds for your garden

If you are interested in creating a backyard pond or to decorate the center of your garden, consider there are a few types of contemporary ponds. These are:

  • Eco-friendly ponds. Unlike other ponds, eco-friendly ones are considered being self-sustaining, which basically means they use natural biological filtration that helps to maintain the health of the created
  • Eco-friendly ponds

  • Ponds with fish – koi pond. Koi fish is the special colorful variety of Common carp. These creatures are usually kept for decorating outdoor fountains or garden ponds. Such ponds are considered requiring a lot more specific maintenance including particular sanitary conditions enhanced professional care. You can also create your own collection of Koi fishes, therefore, it can become a hobby of yours. Don’t forget that unlike fishless ponds, this one requires partial changing of water that should be regular.
  • koi pond

  • Fishless ponds. Such ponds are very easy to maintain without any additional help and professional assistance. When it comes to the decorative side of such ponds, you can go for everything you prefer. Don’t forget about regular cleaning getting rid of dead trimmed leaves and similar things. If your garden pond is going to have live plants, make sure to temporary remove them during cold months. As long as the water in the pond doesn’t freeze you can enjoy the beauty of fishless ponds all year long.
  • Fishless ponds

  • Two-section ponds. If you want to combine a pond with a small waterfall, you can go for a two-section Each section of a pond will have a small fountain built like an umbrella. To be able to hide black liner there are huge decorative stones that are also set up for creating the whole look. Don’t forget about the flowers and different plants around the pond. The surface of the water can be decorated with water lilies.
  • Two-section ponds

  • Brooks in your backyard. To be able to achieve the real sounds of the waterfall you can go for backyard brooks that don’t actually require setting the pond. Create a pit of gravel for water and don’t forget that such a natural system can be easily maintained by yourself.
  • Brooks in your backyard

Make sure to maintain the plants and flowers that decorate your garden pond to keep the entire place clean and beautiful.