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The built-in flower bed is perfect for small space plots

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To begin with, it is worth pointing out that the idea of the built-in flower bed in landscape design has appeared relatively recently. The built-in flowerbed is a conditional name, in fact, it can be an ordinary container with flowers, combined with a staircase, gazebo, fence, shop, walkway or built-in terrace.

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It is designed to solve the complex problem of lack of space, facilitates the embodiment of the most unusual landscaping ideas. Any, even the tiniest piece of land, has a place for plants in containers and built-in flower beds. Variants of the decoration of flower beds and built-in flower beds on a small plot are worth to be explained in more detail.

How to choose plants for a built-in flower bed

There are a lot of options: there may be annuals and perennials, and the built-in flowerbeds without a bottom provide an opportunity to grow even decorative trees and small shrubs. The only rule is to study the ability of plants to get along in a small garden space together before choosing.

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Here follows a small list of flowering plants, ideal for growing in containers and built-in flower beds:

  • Lobelia, Violet, Common daisy;
  • Petunia, Aster, English marigold;
  • Zinnia, Marigold, Verbena;
  • Ageratum, Salvia, Dahlia;
  • Begonia, Gladiolus, all spring bulbous.

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Containers for the built-in flowerbed can be made of wood, stone, brick, plastic or metal. The main thing is that the structure is strong and combined with the overall design of the site. The built-in flowerbed is an outdoor decoration element, which means that the material of the container is constantly exposed to external factors, and there is a need for protective processing of the material. Depending on the location, the container can be with or without a bottom.

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Watering and fertilizing

The land in the container is bounded by walls, and it has no connection with the outdoor ground, so a well-designed drainage system is mandatory. Watering should be carried out in a dosage, protect the flower beds from waterlogging and stagnation of water. Do not forget to feed plants – in a small space, it is especially necessary.

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Another option is to arrange the filling of the built-in flowerbed like a high bed, “charging” its layers with organic. In the future is necessary to maintain its fertility by the continuous introduction of organic waste and mulch, as well as planting annual flowers, with the roots not breaking out of the flowerbed, but only be cut off.

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