Festive Decoration of the Estate

Festive Decoration

It goes without saying that New Year and Christmas are the most long-awaited holidays of a year. Each of us tries to make the marvelous and festive atmosphere in the house.

Those, who have private houses try to gain this result not only indoors but also outdoors.

This article is dedicated to festive decoration of a garden, a yard and house façade.

Let’s start with the house façade. The first variant is to decorate the façade of your house with different garlands, small lamps and diode tapes. Such decoration looks really impressive, though mainly during the night time. What about the decoration which looks great during the light hours? In this case you can use Christmas wreaths. They can be made in the original way or you can use some other materials which make the wreath look uncommonly and interesting. By the way, Christmas wreaths can be hung up not only on the door but on the windows, as well (use smaller wreaths for this purpose).

A terrace, a porch and a fence can be decorated with fir-tree garlands. Add some thematic elements to the garland, for example bumps, toys, red, golden or white bows and even dried fruit slices!  This decoration will immerse your house in a festive atmosphere!

Now we are moving to the garden. The imagination has no boundaries here! First of all use illumination, the holiday cannot do without it. Today we have a great variety of it: garlands and lights work in different regimes and have many colors. A wonderful idea is to decorate a Christmas tree in the garden. Maybe, you have one which grows in it? You can make the toys for its decoration with your own hands, for this purpose you can use various materials (paper, fabric, sweets, color tapes and even little ice figures). Your children will like this idea!

Decorating a yard and a garden with your own hands and using natural materials is not only a modern and fashionable trend; it will certainly create some special atmosphere of coziness and wonder in your house!

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