Preparing the Garden for Winter

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Each season makes its changes in the life of our garden. It has certain needs at different weather conditions. When summer is over and the whole fall harvest is already collected, it’s the best time to prepare the trees for their long winter sleep. It is very important as there are many negative factors which can influence your garden in winter (frosts, cold winds, icing, temperature changes, etc.)

Today we want to tell you about all the necessary steps to make your preparation really effective.

  1. You should fertilize the trees at first. The composition of the fertilizer should include such substances as Potassium and Phosphorus. These elements will improve resistance to the winter weather.
  2. Then you need to clean the trunks of the trees from the old and straggler bark. It is also a very important step as different pathogenic microorganisms can be accumulated in this bark.
  3. When trees have thrown off the foliage completely, sprinkle trunks and branches with a solution of Copper Sulfate.
  4. You cannot do without whitewashing trees in autumn too. This method will disinfect the bark of trees and protect it from sunburns and sudden temperature fluctuations (for example in early spring).
  5. You should also water your trees abundantly before the first frosts. The soil must be moistened to 40 cm deep.
  6. One more important step is to provide protection from rodents. You can wrap the trunk around with various materials which are easily found at home. In order to provide more professional protection, use reed mats or plastic gratings. All these protective measures must be removed in spring, when it is already warm.

If you have prepared your garden for winter in a proper way, be sure that it will thank you generously with its beauty and good harvest!

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