Arrangement of a Terrace in a Private House

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You shouldn’t underestimate the meaning of such an important thing as a terrace. This is the very place where you can rest and relax with comfort, retiring with nature at the same time. This is a kind of transition from the house to the garden or yard.

There are different styles and tendencies in the arrangement of this element. Modern terraces have pretty aesthetic look, without excessive pretentiousness, their design is rather simple, and the main accent is the unity with nature.

A shelter is often built over a terrace; it can protect from rain and gives some coziness. Speaking about the floor, we should admit that it would better to be lifted above ground level. In this case the floor will be protected from excessive moisture, besides you will feel here more comfortable in the cold season.

There is a special classification of terraces. For example, they can be summer or all-purpose (for all seasons); opened and closed; terraces can also have different shapes (round, square, oval, etc.). Terraces are also divided into those which are attached to the house, built around the perimeter of the house and those which are built separately from the house.

You can use various kinds of material for a terrace. The terrace made of bricks is the most common variant. You can also use colored bricks or decorate the terrace in some other ways, in order to make it look more beautiful and interesting. The terrace made of stone is the most reliable and solid one. Arrangement of a terrace with the help of exotic wood is a modern tendency today. This construction looks really wonderful, noble and expensive, besides it is warm and ecological. You can also use different materials for the terrace decoration, for example, metal, natural stone, ceramic tile, glass and marble.





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