How to make a Pond with Your Own Hands

Ponds and Fountains

A beautiful house with a green lawn behind it – is a wonderful dream for everyone. What about a crystal pond to be placed in this picture? It would be really great!  This dream is amazing, but many of us are afraid of the hard work and heavy expenses which is connected with the arrangement of a pond.

Today we want to present you the short information about different ways of pond arrangement.

At the beginning, it should be admitted that you can do all the work by yourself. It is not very easy, though, strong desire is a half of business!

There are three most common ways of pond arrangement.

  1. Pond arrangement with the help of polyethylene membrane.

This way is the cheapest, though not very easy. The work is long and careful. At first, a hole of the needed shape must be dug. Then you should measure the level carefully (the bottom must be flat. You must also check all the surface of the hole, there must be no right angles and swings, the surface must be smooth. Then you can lay the membrane, beginning from the bottom. This process should also be very careful. Pour the water into your pond gradually.

  1. The usage of plastic molds.

The hole for your future pond should be bigger than the chosen mold (by 15%-20%).  The bottom of the hole must be concreted, it is very important. The level should be also checked carefully. The next step is the condensing of the mold with water; this is also the process of great importance.

  1. The usage of tile.

The pond arranged in this way is really beautiful, though it will be rather expensive. At first the hole is dug. Its depth should be 30-40 cm more than you want (because of the bottom foundation). Such construction materials as crushed stone and sand are used in this work, it can be really difficult, you’ll better do it with the professional help. It also must be admitted that the tiles for the pond is fastened with the help of special moisture proof glue.

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