Beautiful Floral Arrangements for a Garden

Garden Design

Spring and summer are two wonderful seasons when we are pleased to blooming flowers, plants and trees every day. During this period we have a strong desire to create something beautiful, to make the nature that surrounds us perfect. Today we are going to speak about floral arrangements for our garden and yard.

At first, let’s talk about color. Color is the principal part of each art conception and piece of art. It sets the tone and creates a general view. Choosing a single color, which will dominate on the flowerbed, you are giving it elegant and stylish look, especially when we are speaking about white color. Brighter colors, such as red, lilac and purple, make your garden look more vivid and expressive. One more good idea is to combine different colors. For example, flowers of pink shades and flowers of yellow shades will create romantic and sensuous atmosphere in the garden; flowers of orange shades will make it look bright and sunny, even in rainy weather.

Modern tendencies and current trends are present here, too. The most popular flowers for floral arrangements in the garden are roses, peonies, foxgloves and geranium. Speaking about the modern general stylistics, we should say, that naturalness is in fashion. Your flowerbed should look as nobody has ever touched it; all its beauty is natural. Ornamental grass of different kinds will help you to create this special look. Various bushes and plants with high stem make your flowerbed look bigger and fuller.

Rose is still the queen of flowers. The combination of English roses, peonies, buckskin and foxgloves look really wonderful, natural and noble at the same time. Roses of different kinds are very popular; you can find these flowers almost in every garden and yard. Floral arrangements with roses are very beautiful, the only thing you should remember: this kind of flowers must play the main part in your floral ensemble.

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