How to Make a Fence of Twigs

Gates and Fences

There is a wide variety of design kinds today. Different materials, furniture for home and garden and decorative elements are just confusing!

Those people, who have their own house, are to choose not only design inside the house, but also outside it. Fantasy here has no limits!

Today we are going to talk about one of the most important details, which will meet the hosts and guests, – about the fence. There are many types of fence today, but if you want to have something authentic, natural and extraordinary at the same time, a fence made of twigs is right for you! Besides, you can make it with your own hands.

So, what to begin with? You should start with material selection. Tree branches must be elastic and flexible. It is better to choose willow and hazel branches. It is important to select them in late autumn, when there are no leaves but tree sap is still in branches. Besides, it is very important for branches to be of the same width (diameter) and length. You will need two types of branches: thick and strong for the vertical base of the fence, and thin branches for fence weaving.

There are three types of fence weaving:

  1. vertical weaving
  2. horizontal weaving
  3. oblique weaving

Fences made of wigs are really beautiful, though they have some disadvantages. These fences are not very strong, combustible, a part of basic branches, which sunk into the ground, rots in 3-4 years.

Despite all the “minuses”, these wonderful fences have a lot of positive features. First of all, they are ecological. It is not very difficult to make such fences, even if you have decided to do it with your own hands. Besides, their originality, beauty and the atmosphere, they bring into your garden and house will please you every day.

So, have a pleasant working and creative process and a wonderful result!

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