Top 5 the Most Useful Fruit Trees

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Creating your own garden near the house or in the country, it is important to choose not only beautiful, but also useful trees. The trees, which will please your eyes and your taste! There are many kinds of wonderful trees and bushes, which are very beautiful in spring and their fruit are tasty in summer and autumn.

When fruit trees are planted in a proper way and in the right place, such kind of a garden is always beautiful, well-groomed and attracts much attention. You can enjoy its bright and romantic blooming in spring; in autumn-enjoy its sweet and tasty fruit!

Choosing fruit trees, you must take into consideration many factors and peculiarities of climate (nicety of trees; how they bare climate changes; their planting demands and peculiarities).

Here are top 5 the most popular fruit trees:


There are three types of apple-trees: summer, autumn and winter. Having planted one of each tree species, you can enjoy tasty apples all the year round!


These fruit trees don’t have a very long life, near 20 years, though they are very popular. Their blooming is magnificent and their berries have wonderful sweet and sour taste.


Apricots are very good for health. They contain many useful micro and macro elements and B vitamins. They are also very delicious and can be eaten fresh or dried.


One more tree, which fruit are familiar to everybody and loved by everyone! These fruit trees are rather big and their productivity is high. Pears can be eaten fresh or used in cookery and confectionery.


Such kind of a fruit tree is rather fastidious and demanding, it must be taken into consideration. When the climate is rather warm and dry, – peach will please you with beautiful flowering and delicious fruit.

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