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Everything which is connected with design requires following the rules and certain concepts.  This also applies to landscape design. Arranging the garden is a rather difficult process. There can be many beautiful and rare plants, expensive furniture and interesting details or elements in the garden, but all these don’t have general form and proper look. It happens if the garden isn’t in a certain style with its concepts and system. You should choose the style, you like most, for the garden to be really beautiful and well-groomed.

Let’s name the most popular landscape design styles and get acquainted with their main details.

Regular (classic) Style

This garden has lawns and flowerbeds of regular geometric forms, straight alleys, columns and antique sculptures.

English Style

This style is very popular, as it gives the feeling of comfort and coziness. It requires smooth and soft lines, naturalness, bright green lawns and creepers.

French Style

This is a mixture of nobility and romanticism. There are climbing roses, not many trees and only natural materials in such kind of a garden. Provence stylistics is also required here.

Country Style

This is the most ancient style and the most natural. The main elements are parterres with wildflowers, kale yards, natural lawns, hand-made elements and little pounds.

Oriental (Japanese, Chinese) Style

This is a style of appeasement and calmness. The needed elements are a creek or a neat pound, big stones and plants, a bamboo fence and well decorated tree crowns.

Mediterranean Style

This is the style of summer and rest. Its main features are brightness and the contrast of light and shadow. Such kind of a garden has many citrus trees, house plants on the terrace, garden furniture and a patio.

Hi-tack Style

There are modern materials (glass, plastic, concrete, etc.), unusual forms of plants, modern lighting and regular geometric forms in the garden in this style.

Modern Style

Such kind of a garden looks very refined and elegant due to sleek and smooths shapes. Architectural forms are more important than plants, here. Everything looks very expensive and well-groomed in this garden. This style requires modern materials and many different accents.

Minimalistic Style

This style is very laconic; tough it is not easy to organize it properly. Minimalistic style doesn’t require many details and elements, evenness and clarity of lines, texture of materials and modern lamps.

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