Choosing Trees for a Garden

Garden Design

It is not necessary to have a big territory to create a beautiful garden near a house. A wonderful garden can be grown on a small territory, the main thing is to dispose it in a proper way and to choose all the needed trees and bushes carefully.

First of all, a garden plan must be made, to know exactly the placement of all trees and bushes.

One shouldn’t forget that almost all plants like sunlight; in the shadow should be planted only those, which require it.

Choosing decorative trees, it must be noted that they are planted at a certain distance of each other, not to let their roots intertwine.

If the territory is big, all kinds of trees would look wonderful there, especially with wide and big upper branches, like maple, basswood; if a garden is small, it would be better to choose pyramid-shaped trees (tui, cypress, fir-tree).

Coniferous Trees

Such kind of trees would make every garden well-groomed and elegant. Besides, it is easy to make different compositions and ensembles with these trees. A garden will look nice and pretty all the year round, not only in summer, but in winter as well! One more important detail is that coniferous trees are like antiseptics and cleaners for air. The most popular kinds of coniferous trees today are juniper, cypress, fir-tree, tui and pine.

Deciduous Trees

The system of planting is more strict and serious here. The size of a mature tree must be taken into consideration; such kind of trees should be planted more apart. For example, a bush of lilac is better to place near a porch; birch, maple and elm are better to plant in a recreation area.

All the trees and bushes in the garden shouldn’t be planted very accurately and strictly, easy negligence is even better, as if nature created all this by itself!

Your fantasy has no boundaries when choosing plants, trees and bushes and making wonderful compositions with them!


Mansion yard with waterfall, trees and flowers

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