Beautiful Lawns for the Yard

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When some space in the garden left free, why not to arrange a wonderful lawn on it? It is a feast for the eyes, makes the garden look elegant and well-groomed and creates cozy atmosphere.

This element of landscape design can be created by your own forces or with the help of specialists. First of all you must choose the type of a lawn; there are several of them today:

 Ordinary (park) Lawn

This is the most popular type. Such kind of a lawn is not only a decoration for the yard, it is also possible to walk, run and play on it. It isn’t difficult to arrange such a lawn with your own efforts and it is not fastidious in the care. Park lawn doesn’t require much sunlight. The only thing you shouldn’t forget about is regular watering.

Floral Lawn

This type is for flower-lovers. Such romantic type of a lawn can be Mauritanian (with small meadow flowers) or clover. Floral lawn is also not fastidious in the care. Mauritanian lawn has only decorative functions. You can play, walk and wonderfully spend time on the clover lawn harmlessly.

Ground (English) Lawn

This is the most elegant and noble type of a lawn. You will never confuse it with any other kind of a lawn. Thick, emerald green grass will not leave you indifferent. In the other hand, this noble royal beauty has its disadvantages. First of all it must be planted only on sunny land; such lawns love sunlight very much. Watering and mowing should be regular. It is not tolerate temperature extremes. English lawn will be only a wonderful decoration for the yard. Besides, it is pretty expensive and you can hardly arrange such a lawn with your own efforts.

Turf (Roll Lawn)

It is the most practical type of a lawn, which doesn’t require special care. One more advantage is that you needn’t wait for too long to see its blooming finished appearance. Roll lawn isn’t afraid of temperature changes, lack of irrigation and trampling. The only one “minus” is its high price. Though, having worked hard, you can plant it by your own.

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